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Mr. Germani signs the red gold of the lake

Inspired from the entrepreneurial intuition of Mr. Rolando Germani, Zafferano Collina d’Oro was born with the ambition to succesfully introduce one of the least known Como eccellences on the Italian and on the foreign markets. Internationally acknowledged and beloved for its natural beauties and sceneries, the Como lake is one of the most longed destinations also for worldfamous stars, such as George Clooney and Robert De Niro and it has been the unique setting of the lucky harvest of the red gold signed by Mr. Germani.

The first Collina D’Oro harvest has been the result of the extensive cultivation of over 145 thousand of top quality bulbs and it has brought to succesful completion the process of testing and preparation started by Mr. Germani in 2013, with the initial implantation of 135 bulbs and with the following experimental cultivation of almost 8 thousand bulbs one year after.

The selection of best in class bulbs from the Italian regions and from the Spanish area of Castilla La Mancha, at the forefront in saffron cultivation, together with particularly favourable climate conditions and with the ideal soil of Collina D’Oro, sunny and rich in minerals, has made Zafferano Collina D’Oro first harvest really unique.

Our saffron cultivation is conducted in an eco-friendly manner, with no additives or chemical substances and it will result in the production of approximately 180 thousand flowers, equal to 1 kilo of pure product.

Saffron flowers have been collected at dawn, between October and November, and the whole process has combined manual work with the use of few simple tools. We have prepared our soil, performed the chest of clumps and moved them toward the central area of the camp, collected harvest and then managed the phase of fading, desiccation and final threads conservation.

Our productive chain takes place in full respect of environment, with no use of additives or chemical products. Our harvest in 2015 has resulted into a production of 180.000 saffron flowers, equal to 1 kilo of pure product.

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To make sure that our product can offer top quality organoleptic and qualitative features, we have carefully selected our bulbs in the Italian regions standing out in the production of this precious spice and in the Spanish region of Castilla La Mancha, the Iberian diamond point for saffron cultivation.

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Versatile and rich of important properties for our wellness, saffron ist he killer ingredient in plenty of receipes amd it really makes the difference in the preparation of classy and pristine menus. Here come some precious tips to make the most of this red gold.

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