Saffron and health: cough, mestrual pains, lazy intestine? From red gold the natural therapy.

Saffron and health: which are the properties of red gold for health?

Antidepressant, antiageing, invigorating, energizing, but also aphrodisiac and digestive: saffron offers all these healing properties and many others. Not by chance in Eastern countries this spice is traditionally donated to wish a long, prosperous and happy life.

The active ingredient which give saffron its typically yellow colour are crocetin, crocin and picrocrocin, all substances that belong to the carotenoid family, the antiageing par excellence, which are highly concentrated in this spice. For example, it has been calculated that, the weight being equal, the concentration of carotenoids is 1.000 times superior in saffron in comparison to that of carrots. And more: saffron contains also other precious elements that are useful for our health, such as vitamins B1 and B2 and natural seasoninig.

And more in detail:

saffron is the king of antiageing and hinders the action of free radicals – the toxic substances generated by stress, food, pollution and unhealthy life styles which are all killer factors in accelerating body ageing.

the red gold helps defeating grease and dry cough.

• saffron contributes to normalise intestine activity: pour a pinch of it in a cup with warm milk or add it to natural yogurt.

the spice appeases menstrual pains when diluted with 25 grams of achillea in a half liter of boiling water.

• mixed with rose honey, saffron helps to alleviate kids’ tooth pain.

• saffron has also proved to be an effective digestive when diluted in vegetal broth.

• last but not least, saffron will bring you directly in Morfeus’arms when poured into 200 gr of boiling water and left in infusion for 10 minutes thanks to ist antidepressant and invigorating effect on nervous system.

And more

Saffron, combined with mint, offers a precious fitotherapic remedy to neutralise the effects of the sore car due to the “chinetosis” which provokes nausea and vomit. These two natural ingredients, assumed together as decoction or as essential oil, will relax stomach muscles and eliminate the sensation of nausea.

To prepare the decoction use a spoon of dried peppermint and a pinch of saffron diluted in 350 ml. of water and drink a glass of it before the trip by car and another one while traveling. In alternative, two drops of essential oil in a spoon of honey will be effective too when assumed before and during the trip by car.

Saffron contains a particular molecule with has healing properties for the retina: this is what transpires from a recent research conducted by the Biotechnology University of the city of L’Aquila. Thanks to its antiaging action, saffron hinders the effects of the free radicals which are produced in large amount by the retina owing to ist high oxygen consumption and it also helps preserve eye tissues.