Delivery methods

Delivery times shall commence upon receipt of payment and are generally of 24 hours – 72 hours to the islands, excluding holidays.

The transport is provided by the carrier or the post office, the goods are delivered on the ground floor.

It’s also possible to ship products at a different address from the home (eg. Work).

Transportation fee

For purchases to domestic destinations, including the islands, shipping costs amount to eur 10,00 + VAT.

The cost of shipping to foreign destinations can differ and must be calculated by the purchaser at the time of the order, by using the automatic set up within the drop down menu.

Incoming goods

For shipments Chrono and Chrono Express Poste makes two delivery attempts at the address indicated on the LdV weekdays from Monday to Friday. The second delivery attempt is made automatically the business day following the non-delivery.

Upon delivery Poste:

– Delivery of the shipment to the recipient or a person authorized to withdraw (the core component, partner, family helper, goalkeeper and person in charge of the distribution of mail in the building), who must sign it in full;

– In the absence of the recipient at the first delivery attempt, Post leaves a notice informing the recipient that will be made a second attempt at delivery the next business day. In case of failure to deliver even the second attempt, Poste will leave a notice of storage with the references at the post office where the recipient can pick up the shipment within the next 10 working days, including Saturdays, from the day following the date of second delivery attempt indicated on the second notice.

– In the event of non-delivery (by recipient unavailable, insufficient address, incorrect address, nonexistent address, unknown recipient, died or moved, shipment rejected by the recipient), is provided to the customer / sender, through the portal online time trial, communication of the impediment delivery (Dossier Holding Amounts), and the reasons. The Client/Sender, through the same portal, has the ability to “decouple” the shipment in storage.