Saffron in threads, gr. 0,5

€ 13,25

Zafferano Collina D’Oro in threads

To grant its excellent quality, Zafferano Collina D’Oro is availalble in threads and packed in exclusive glass jars to preserve its organoleptic characteristics.

Our “red gold” stands out in ist category for its intense perfume and for the colour of ist threads, with orange-brown nuances often drifting to dark brown shades.

Conservation tips: keep the product in a cool and dry place. Hot temperature and light can damage its original aroma.
Usage tips: prior to using Zafferano Collina D’Oro, leave it to soak in warm water for at least 8/10 hours.

Zafferano Collina D’Oro is available in easy-to-use glass jars in the format of: 0,20 gr., 0,30 gr., 0,40 gr., 0,50 gr., 0,70 gr., 1 gr., 5 gr.