Risotto with saffron and broccoli

For 4 people

350 g Carnaroli rice
1 broccoli
1 shallot
1 cup white wine
Zafferano Collina d’Oro (4 threads)
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

Divide the tops of the broccoli, wash them and boil them in salted boiling water.
Drain firm to the bite and leave the cooking water on low heat, if necessary season with the granular vegetable broth.
Finely chop shallots and sauté in a pan with oil, add broccoli and pepper and cook for 5 minutes then move 3/4 in a bowl. Pour the rice into the pan, toast, moisten with the wine and let it evaporate. Continue cooking the rice wetting a bit ‘at a time with the cooking water of broccoli. Once the rice will be half cooked, add the saffron dissolved in a little hot vegetable broth.
Stir 2 minutes to turn off and then add the rest of the broccoli.
Then add the Parmesan cheese before serving and let rest for 1 minute.